I have no idea what I'm doing

I seriously have no idea. Help. XD nah just kidding.

Anonymous said: Omg consequences of following fate was amazing!! The best coffee shop au, I daresay. I am in love with half Japanese Dan. I need more! Would U like to write time stamps for it..? Because I can see Dan playing into the anime girl stereotypes in various situations that would make Phil and all of us melt.

Wow, thank you!! ^_____^ Right now I’m actually writing Consequences of Following Fate from Dan’s POV, as well as some parts from before and after the fic, so hopefully I can post it this weekend maybe.

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anyawaits said: I enjoyed your coffee shop fic a lot, it was really sweet! Can't wait for your new works (๑>ᴗ<๑)

Ah, thank you! ^_____^  That makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside, haha! Right now I’m working on writing that same fic from Dan’s point of view, and then I might write another part to Getting Warmer as well, so hopefully I can post them soon. 

ghostsonthe-shore said: Hey there! Just thought I'd say that I absolutely loved your coffee shop fic like seriously it was perfect in every way and I can't wait to see what you write next! YOU ARE AWESOME :) xx

Waah, thank you so much!! O/////O”” That fic had sooo many mistakes in it; I feel like it’s undeserving of such praise, but thank you!! I just read your latest fic and your writing is amazing as well!!  ^_____^

So I was wondering…

People seemed to like my last fic, Consequence of Following Fate, (srsly anyone who liked/reblogged/told me they enjoyed it, thank you thank you thank you thank you), and I really enjoyed writing it, so I was wondering if I should make another one-shot about it from Dan’s POV with extra scenes… Idk do you think you would enjoy it? Should I do it, should I just leave it?

cascadeofnothing said: the most recent fic you posted is amazing! I loved the way you wrote it and the story line was great (I also liked slightly race-bent dan)

>/////<”” oh my gosh, thank you so much!!!  I made so many silly errors in that fic and I didn’t even know what to title it, I just typed the first words that came into my head, I feel like it’s undeserving of such compliments, I thought that everyone would hate slightly race-bent Dan, so your lovely feedback means so much to me!  Thank you!!! ^_____^

sirdanielhowell said: Hi! can i ask you a quick question about your newest fic? (which i loved btw omg)

Hello! :D Of course you can, I’m so happy you enjoyed it! ^____^

Consequences of Following Fate

Description: NOT ANOTHER COFFEE SHOP AU-  Phil meets Dan and falls hard for him, figuratively and literally.  Dan falls for him too, but it takes him some time time to acknowledge it.  Phil doesn’t mind.

Warnings:  slight angst, tears, mentions of minor character death, also slightly race bent Dan because… because can…

Decent first impressions were usually an impossible feat for Phil.  So, in all honestly, he wasn’t too surprised that his first meeting with Dan was a complete disaster.

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Anonymous said: I agree with the other person. Getting Warmer should definitely be continued. It's AMAZING. It doesn't even have to be a sequel, it can just be a continuation of their relationship and Dan getting over his prejudice.

waaaaah thank you!!! -covers face in embarrassment- right now I’m working on another fic, but I’ll definitely try to write another part to Getting Warmer in the future! ^////^


Oh my gosh, you are too kind, thank you!!  (O///////O)” I intended for Getting Warmer to just be a one-shot but I might make a sequel if I can think up of one ^_____^