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Hi, I'm Rai, and I still don't know what I'm doing. ^___^

The Man Journal

Description: Dan reads Phil’s diary man journal.

Warnings: A tiny bit of angst and implied low self-esteem

A/N: What is this POV you speak of haha, also there’s kind of a lot of strikethrough text, sorry about that

The two voices continued to argue with each other, one desperate, the other frustrated.

“Look, Phil, I didn’t mean-“

“Dan, just listen to me-“

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ninchuser said: Okay, so can I just say that The Benefits of Talking to Photographs and The Consequences of Following Fate were ABSOLUTELY F*CKING AMAZING LIKE SERIOUSLY HOW DO YOU PULL THAT OF ASDFDGHJKL I DIED

Oh my gosh, thank you!! Oh dear, please don’t die haha. ^^”

I… don’t really know how I pulled it off, to be honest, I’ve had the story of CoFF/TBoTtP circulating around in my head for months and I just kind of edited it mentally for a while until I thought to myself hey that might make a good phanfic and CoFF was born. (._____.)” Also I read too many books and manga and manhwa and watched too many Korean Dramas as a young child.

…Idk but really, thank you!!  It means a lot to me! ^____^


Awww thank you! ^O^ Lol I’m assuming you’re referring to the lettuce fic since it’s the- OH MY GOD WAIT the lettuce fic now it sounds like one of the infamous fics now nooooooooooo

theinsanityplays said: Was on mobile last night when I read the lettuce fic so didn't get a chance to comment, but idec if it was "cracky" it was endlessly cute and I just adored it to no end. Not gonna lie, I read it three times. I've read all your fics already, what am I supposed to do with myself while I wait for more? Anyway, keep writing <3 I'll make sure to keep reading them :)

Awww thank you!!! ^____^ Wow, um, you should… er feel good about yourself because messages like yours motivate me to write more? (/___;) srsly though thank you so much!!!

The Tale of Phil and the Indecisive Lettuce Emo

Description: Phil hates how the customer with the emo fringe always leaves a lettuce head in random parts of the store, but he really isn’t that mad when he finds the lettuce emo to be really cute.

Inspired by this AUs post and Dan’s List of reasons why I’m an awful Human Being video. 

Warnings: Some mild swearing

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awkwardteenageblackgirl said: I haven't read the coffee fics but the getting warmer series thingy is fricken amazing. I really really like it and it would be really nice if you maybe made like another (unless you weren't planning to then... you do you)

Waah, thank you so much you lovely person you!! ^___^  I actually wasn’t planning to make a sequel to Getting Warmer since it was based on a movie scene from Warm Bodies but I suppose I’m open to sporadically writing one-shots in this AU if I get any inspirations or if anyone wants to prompt me?  Idk haha.

theinsanityplays said: You're Warm Bodies AU was freaking amazing. It's literally one of my top favs ever right now <3

!!!!???!!!  Oh my gosh you are too kind!!  ^/////^ Thank you so much!!  <3  I was really unsure of whether to write a Warm Bodies AU or not, so I’m really happy that you enjoyed it!! ^O^

5 Facts About Me

"When you get this, give 5 facts about yourself and pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers ♥"

5 facts about myself:

1: I laugh a lot around the people I like.

2: Babies scare me.

3: I am left-handed.

4: I am an introvert.

5: Pus fascinates me.

Warm Enough

Description: Sequel to one-shot Getting Warmer.  As a recovering ex-zombie, Phil’s trying his best to fit into human society for Dan.  But Dan thinks Phil is just fine.

Warnings: A scarf unintentionally attempts murder, someone is mean to Phil for a bit

A/N: This may make slightly more sense if you read Getting Warmer here. And if you have watched the movie Warm Bodies.


Oh my gosh… Come on, let’s go the other way…

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Anonymous said: Benefits of Talking to Photographs was so good omg. I started crying, it's so beautiful. Thank you so much for writing and sharing it! <3

Oh my gosh, thank YOU! <(^____^<) -hugs- nooooo don’t cry, haha!  I’m glad you liked it!!